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Rachelle holding a basket of fruit and veggies
Hi, I'm Rachelle, the vivacious gourmet

Thanks for visiting! I make delicious, healthy recipes that are simple to make, with wholesome ingredients.

I will show you ways to incorporate vibrant, fresh dishes to your lifestyle, while still eating your favourite childhood meals that you love and cherish.

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What people are saying...

“What I love about Vivacious Gourmet is her ability to make gourmet food with recipes that feel attainable for me. Everything she has shared is so delicious and a bonus...they are good for me and my family.”

Jana W.

Her recipes cover everything from vegan to gluten free to dairy free to fully indulgent. She can take a recipe from her grandmother and add a whole new twist to it. She has the ability to create a table full of hors d'oeuvres to pair with gin martini’s, healthy snacks for a football game, to a full 6 course dining experience AND make it accessible for anyone to try.

Alena H.

Rachelle's recipes are a staple in our home! They are delicious, fun and EASY! It's clear that she cooks from the heart and always tries to put a healthy twist without sacrificing flavour! We love checking out what's new on Vivacious Gourmet and making a night out of it! Keep the GREAT food coming, Rachelle!

Graeme N

Vivacious Gourmet has been an amazing resource for delicious recipes and diversifying my palette with seasonal ingredients. I cannot wait to try the next release!

Angela W