Fun Facts About Me

5 Fun Facts About Me
The Vivacious Gourmet shares delicious healthy recipes

Hi, I'm Rachelle

The Vivacious Gourmet

I cook delicious healthy recipes that are simple to make, with wholesome fresh ingredients.

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I have been meeting so many talented foodies and incredible people on Instagram lately. Thank you so much for checking in and your continued support of Vivacious Gourmet! I wanted to share some fun facts that you may not know about me. Feel free to comment with your top choices as well!

Let me reintroduce myself. My name is Rachelle and I live in Toronto, Canada. My home sweet home.

1. Fav TV Show: My go to comfort binge tv shows would be The Office, Seinfeld and Sex and the City.

2. Next Travel Destination: I love travelling, and have been to over 36 countries so far. I can not wait to get away again. My top choices would be Nantucket, Portugal/ Spain or Bora Bora.

3. Sweet or Savoury: I don’t really have a sweet tooth. I much prefer salty, cheesy, savoury snacks. (I’m a sucker for smartfood popcorn!)

4. Favourite Kitchen Hack: Place your herbs in a cup of water and place on your countertop. Change the water like you would for flowers and your herbs last much longer! (2 weeks plus)

5. Last Meal On Earth: I would have to choose a juicy steak, cheesy potatoes, Grandma’s Caesar salad and a bottle of the best Cabernet Sauvignon out there. Mmm, this makes me hungry now!

Feel free to comment below with your answers!!!
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