Lets Talk About Vegetables

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The Vivacious Gourmet shares delicious healthy recipes

Hi, I'm Rachelle

The Vivacious Gourmet

I cook delicious healthy recipes that are simple to make, with wholesome fresh ingredients.

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Did you know that most of us do not get enough vegetables in our diet?
Vegetables are rich in fiber and nutrients. Now I am no nutritionist, but I do know what makes my body and mind feel good. By eating healthy foods that actually fuel our bodies!

I think the biggest misconception about eating healthy is that you have to compromise flavour. I believe that by eating a variety of vegetables you can actually enjoy different types of textures, flavours and tastes. Variety is the spice of life after all.

Do I eat fully loaded stuffed peppers? Yes. Do I chow down on tacos? You bet I do! I am here to show you ways to incorporate more vibrant wholesome foods and vegetables into your diet while still eating the dishes that you love!

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