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The Vivacious Gourmet shares delicious healthy recipes

Hi, I'm Rachelle

The Vivacious Gourmet

I cook delicious healthy recipes that are simple to make, with wholesome fresh ingredients.

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I know alot of people are struggling with depression, anxiety and stress. This has probably been the longest, hardest year of our lives. Myself included. We are going through these challenges together. I do not know one person that has had it “all together” during quarantine.

When I feel these feelings creeping in, I remind myself all of the good that is out there. The sunshine coming out to play, fur babies that give you unconditional love, food on my table to eat, and my dear friends that check in and connect. And all of you that help support Vivacious Gourmet. Your positive messages of love and support mean the world to me!

I also realize that there are 3 things that you are in control of:

1. your response to your feelings
2. what you hold onto
3. what you let go

Letting go can be the most difficult of them all but just ask yourself, does this serve me anymore?

Letting go is actually an act of self love! Choosing to face discomfort for the sake of our dreams, joy, happiness is the most empowering thing we can do for ourselves.

Choose #selflove

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